11 Mayıs 2009 Pazartesi

Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics (VOLUME 4, 11TH EDITION)

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This is by far the most important publication worldwide in the general field of orthopedic surgery. It is the most reliable source to check on surgical options at short notice, such as the night before a case." - Doody Enterprises, 2008 "Here, the authors' organization and writing-style deserve notice: Simply, for any medical reference to the truly be effective, it must go beyond 'layers of expertise' and the serve to impart its knowledge to doctors and students. And that's where this volume excels - dissecting vast amounts of data and then rendering them accessible to professionals in the field of the orthopedic medicine." -The Electric Review, August 2008 Book Description Exceptional visual guidance on more than 1,800 operative and minimally invasive procedures

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Publisher: MOSBY/ELSEVIER (2007)

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